Filterline™ Air Filter Media

Filterline Air Filter Media used as a prefilter in industrial and commercial ventilation, cleanroom and air conditioning system.
Washable Media Roll
Synthetic Fiber with progressive density
Built up with thermally bonded
High Dust Holding capacity
Excellent heat and water resistant

ModelRoll Size (m)Thickness(m)ColourAverage Arrestance Efficiency (%)Rated Air Flow(CMH)Initial Pressure(Pa)Final Pressure(Pa)
FT-AFM-80/W2 x 206 - 8White75 - 80 (G2) 340020249
FT-AFM-85/W2 x 2018 - 20White80 - 85 (G3)340040249
FT-AFM-85/BW2 x 2018 - 20Blue/White80-85 (G3)340050249
FT-AFM-92/W2 x 2022 - 24White87 - 92 (G4) 340055249

Rated Air Flow based on size 592x592mm

Cater for different size / specification

We are able to provide different & custom size air filtration with competitive price. Send us any inquiry on your filtration needs.